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Which Baby Carrier Type Is Best For Your Baby?

Which Baby Carrier Type Is Best For Your Baby?

Babywearing can be super convenient and helpful for both you and your baby. Carrying your baby in a baby carrier ensures your hands are free to prepare a meal, do house chores, or play with your older child. When you are out and about, using public transportation or getting through a crowded airport with your baby, a baby carrier will be a more practical option.

Other than strengthening the bond between parent and baby, many babies find the warmth of the body and heartbeat is soothing to them.

Just like other baby gears, there is an abundance of different brands, types, and models out there! It can be a headache choosing the right one for you and your baby. But first, let's learn the different types of baby carriers - baby wrap, ring sling, and soft structured carrier (SSC) to know which one suits your needs best.


#1 Baby Wrap

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The baby wrap is a simple and the most traditional type of baby carrier but it is not the easiest one to wear, especially for babywearing beginners. The baby wrap is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped and tied to hold your baby to your body.

Stretchy wraps (made of elastic fabric such as cotton jersey or knit jersey) are excellent for babywearing beginners and infants, whereas woven wraps (made of cotton, wool, or linen) are recommended for toddlers and older kids. Baby wraps offer a vast variety of fabrics, patterns as well as carrying styles (in front, on the hip or back).

Wraps are great for the early months as most babies seem to enjoy being carried and snuggly in a wrap!


#2 Ring Sling

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The ring sling is also a long piece of cloth (usually two metres long) with two rings on one end; the fabric is threaded through the rings producing a pouch (where the baby is placed) and an adjustable tail that allows you to alter it to your body and find the perfect snuggle for your baby.

Just like the baby wrap, the ring sling is also suitable for infants and toddlers. And if you are a beginner, the ring sling is perfect for you as it is easy to use and master with only little practice.


#3 Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

Pearl Grey 360 All Positions Baby Front Carrier | ErgobabySoft Structure Carrier from Ergobaby


A soft structure carrier (SSC) also referred to as a buckle carrier, provides padded shoulder straps and a thick, padded waistband that is fastened around the waist. This is usually what parents have in mind when they think of a baby carrier.

The adjustable straps allow the wearer to find the most comfortable and ergonomic fit and help to evenly distribute the baby's weight across the wearer's body. The SSC also offers various carrying styles; you can wear them on the front, back or even on your hips.

The SSC allows your baby to be in a healthy, ergonomic position (frog position with hips and knees in M-shape) that is great for natural hips development and reduces the risk of hips dysplasia or dislocation. Though it may feel bulkier, it offers an easy, quick two-shouldered carry option that's excellent for movement and dance!

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