Shopping Tips for New Moms

Shopping Tips for New Moms

The arrival of a new bundle of joy truly is a significant event in both your and your spouse's lives. Especially if it's your first child as it requires some initial expenses. While some purchases are must-haves, there are others that can be skipped. And before making any purchases, take note of the following questions:

  • Utility: is the purchase reasonable and beneficial?
  • Price: does it fit into your budget?
  • Design: should you select nice designs by default?
  • Quality: is it always a must to pick the highest quality?

In this post, I will share some shopping tips for new moms to be mindful of.

1. Make a list

There are tons of baby things in the market. It can be overwhelming sometimes, honestly! Some purchases will serve you immediately after birth, like a car seat, but others can wait. Having a list will help you prioritise what is necessary and prevent you from buying the things you don't necessarily need, like buying dozens of baby bottles. And the important part of making a list is... sticking to it!

2. Set a budget

There are big-ticket items that can't be avoided. Even so, it is vital that you place a budget for each item. As there are many brands out there, some are on the higher price tags, some are lower, it is important that you assess both quality and functionality before thinking of the designs. If you plan to have more than one child, you might want to choose a high-quality item that could last a while.

3. Do your research

Prior to making any purchases, read up on products to know which model is right for you. There are loads of product reviews online or you can also seek advice from your mommy friends if you are not too sure of your choices. No info is more valuable than one from a mom who's been there!

4. Pick multifunctional items

Instead of buying items every year depending on your baby's age and size, choose multifunctional furniture and accessories. For instance, choose a convertible baby crib or a playpen that comes with a changing station. They may be costly, but in a long run, they can save you money.

5. Resist the newborn-size clothes

Well, newborn-size clothes are cute, aren't they? But one thing about babies is that they outgrow things quickly. It will be more worth it if you buy the six-month size instead of the three-month one. You'll get more mileage out of them and don't fret if the outfit is too big as it can be rolled up to fit your little cutie (and then rolled back down in a few months!) and a too-tight outfit makes your baby fussy and uncomfortable.