Breast Milk and Its Uses for Home Remedies

Breast Milk and Its Uses for Home Remedies


Breast milk is a gift from nature to humans - nourishing little humans with amazing nutrients until they are toddlers. Other than feeding a baby, did you know it also has other benefits as well? Here are some amazing breast milk usage for home remedies!


#1 Sore, cracked nipples

Breastfeeding can be painful to some moms. So if you have sore, cracked nipples, dab a good amount of breast milk onto the affected areas to help to relieve pain, ward off infection as well as aid in healing.


#2 Skin moisturizer

Other than treating cracked nipples, many have used breast milk as a skin moisturizer to treat dry skin, eczema, and cradle cap on their babies. Some also use to relieve chapped lips and heal nappy rashesSimply drip some breast milk on a cotton ball and apply it to the affected area.


#3 Ear infection

Some moms have also used their breast milk to help ease the discomfort an ear infection has caused their babies. A single drop of breast milk into their babies' ears every few hours would help so much! The sucking motion from nursing can also help the baby to recover from the ear infection easier.


#4 Blocked tear ducts

It's normal for babies to have crusty, teary eyes in the first few months as a result of blocked tear ducts. Treat this condition by dropping a few drops of breast milk into the part of the eye that's irritated will do the trick.


#5 Sore throat

If your baby catches a cold and experiences a sore throat, just continue to breastfeed! Due to breast milk's amazing nutrients, it can help comfort the sore throat pain and boost immunity and resistance to beat the cold. 


It truly is amazing what breast milk can do, not only for babies but moms too. So, set aside some of your breast milk for a quick home remedy to treat cracked nipples, eczema, sore throat, and more. However, please consult your paediatrician prior to trying any of these at home!